A Joyful Dharma-learning Journey

The most senior Dharma class in BW Monastery, 13S001C, completed the 3rd module of the Lay Buddhist Academy's Five Great Treatise Course today. We are most fortunate that Abbot Jing Yuan is in Singapore and he is invited to also specially motivate the classmates.

Abbot is very appreciative of this Pioneer Class and praises the students for their joyful and diligent learning attitude. He encourages all not to give up as the main focus is not on achieving immediate understanding, but to persevere in the long run.


The students are very grateful to Abbot for his constant guidance and make the following offering of Dharma as a token of appreciation:

1. Memorising the outline and categories in Collected Topics

2. Demonstrations of Buddhist debates by a group of male and female students respectively.

The night ended with a lively quiz to help everyone revised what we have learned in the past year.

Everyone enjoyed the learning process and made aspirations to continue with the learning of the Five Great Treatise regularly.