We Did It!


Hip hip hurray. We participated in the first Lamrim Memorization Competition organized by 关怀处. There were twenty groups. Our class did not do as well to get a plaque. However, like every participants, we received a classic certificate of participation. The print is golden in color with the logo of BW Monastery and has our Abbot, Venerable Jing Yuan’s signature. We have won for ourselves a precious keepsake.

All thanks to our monitor, Sister Kwee Lain who dared to sign us up for the competition. Except for two young ladies, most of us had left school ‘eons’ ago and holding full time jobs. It seemed daunting to memorize and present about 740 words on stage. Worst, we are all afraid to go on stage.

We managed to squeeze some time before our lessons to rehearse.  Actually the competition also requires us to inject creativity. Sister Yim Kuan has very good ideas for us, such as to put in a rap, chorus or echo. But, as we thought we are likely to be a bundle of nervous newbies on stage, we kept it simple. Only at the end of the recitation did we put in some actions.

On the day of the competition, we were surprised to see a packed hall. Our monitor’s suggestion to pay homage to the Triple Gem before recitation must have helped to calm us.  I was comforted to see the faces of our kind looking Abbot, Fashi and the smiling judges. We delivered our recitation smoothly and showed our solidarity arm in arm.

I am glad that we participated. As our recitation was on Mother’s Kindness, this text has become so ingrained in my mind. Therefore kindness to all beings can be invoked more readily.  We have also learnt a lot from other groups. We realize Lamrim recitation can be so interesting. It was an eye opening event. So we can all look forward to the next Lamrim memorization. Rejoice everyone!

Written by Ng Thiam Hong (15G023E)