Blood Donation at Outram

Our class S13G001C has been going for regular blood donation since about 2 years ago.

Many students in our class have studied the path of great capacity in the Lamrim and, especially after learning about the generosity of Bodhisattvas who sincerely gave up their body parts, they too aspire to emulate the Bodhisattvas. Despite personal difficulties or painful obstacles which prevented some students from donating blood, these students still made the trip to the blood donation center to rejoice those who could donate, followed by a “makan” session, many thanks to the food coupons generously issued by the blood donation center.

Today, out of the 16 students who had turned up, 8 of us made the cut to donate:

1. Patrick Chua

2. Guo Rong

3. Martin Wong

4. Viola Goh

5. Georgia Goh

6. Lian Li

7. Patrick Lim

8. Jian Li

A picture is worth a thousand words, and attached are the photos which we have taken today, spelling out our motivation for this virtuous act. Thank you, dear ShiFu, for leading us towards this path towards enlightenment.