MRD Project 2018 by S14G007E

Bravo!!! We've completed Vol. 1 of Lamrim.

Although we took four years and two months to complete, we are determined to stay on this path to learn, understand Buddha's Teachings and putting what we have learnt to practice till we attain Buddhahood.

This evening's get-together over a sumptuous vegetarian dinner at Vege Pot is more than just celebrating our Dharma Joy .... it is also a time to thank our care- coordinators for their contributions to the class tirelessly. In addition, it is also doing what pleases our Teacher to bond with the class outside classroom which is highly encouraged as part of the activities to celebrate Master Remembrance Day 2018.

We also warmly welcome several new classmates who join our class just three months ago. Strangely, we feel that we have been learning together for ages already! Truly amazing, isn't it?   Shifu certainly has brought us to learn together again.

Vege Pot offers a variety of healthy and delicious vegetarian food. Each of us ordered our choice to present them for Vast Offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The heart-warming video clip of our get-together prepared by sis Helen clearly demonstrated the wonders of the Three Jewels doubtlessly!

We had great time together with mindfulness imprinted in our mind.  Not only we paid homage, we also praised Shifu's merits and kindness, performed Vast Offering, shared our experiences in this journey,  rejoicing with one another, did dedication and etc.  All these would not have been possible without the Teachings we have received from Shifu and Laoshi. 

With greatest gratitude, we offer this day's memorable moments as our 1st MRD 2018 project to Triple Gems, Shifu and Laoshi. Thank you for all the guidance and patience. 

Rejoice with Everyone!!!

By Jenny Chua & Valerie Chau/ 30 Jul 2018