21/12/18 - 35 Buddhas Confession Practice


On the 15th day of eleventh lunar month, at 7:15pm, in the Shrine Hall on the third floor of Citiraya Geylang, Venerable Zu Guang led 80 students for the 35 Buddhas Confession  Practice, which is held on every first and the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar.

Among the participants, there were a family, husband and wife and three children, where in the morning, they participated in the Eighty-eight Buddhas Confession Practice and offering to the Buddha in Woodlands BW Monastery. In the evening, they came to the Geylang Centre for 35 Buddhas Confession Practice.  There was another Buddhist friend from Hong Kong who was brought along by a friend who was studying Lamrim at BW Monstery.

Venerable led the attendees to set the motivation before the practice commenced. Then an insightful praise "White Lotus" sang by the youth group was played. It brought everyone’s mind to go for refuge in the Triple Gem and showcased that Buddhist praise could be trendy too.

The Venerable skilfully guided everyone step-by-step, and explained the right way and attitude to perform the repentance properly. At the end, the participants were happy and grateful, and they also had more firm confidence in confession practice and faith in the Triple Gem.

Thanks to the Master, Teacher and Venerables, they have showed us such a wonderful method of practice, and we are grateful to the Master, Teacher and Venerables for their tireless and skillful guidance.  

Puja 法会Pui Yar LimEng