Venerable Benwen - how to remedy self-cherishing attitude (ego)


On 2/12/2018, Venerable Benwen came to Advanced class S18Z076C in the Zhang Bldg, at Lor 29 Geylang.

Venerable shared the merits of the teachers, his precious practice experience, especially learning from Abbot Jingyuan, and his motivation for renunciation.

It is important to reflect the motivation behind our actions,  and check against our inner feelings (whether is it distress, happiness, joy), and then discover that our ego is so strong and hidden deeply in our heart.

The remedy is to accumulate merits, purify wrongdoings, and supplicate for blessings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Also, listen to the teachings frequently, contemplate according to the teachings, use the sentence that moved you the most from the Lamrim to motivate and encourage  yourself, and set the right direction in your life. We can also contemplate on the advantages of the Dharma,  accumulate more merits and continue to learn until achieving enlightenment.

One of the students, Lian Zhen, represented the classmates to present a painting that she did to Venerable. That day coincided with the birthday of the Venerable. Everyone sang a birthday song after food offering and wished Venerable to have good health, live for a long time to turn the Dharma wheel.


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