Observe Merits Appreciate Kindness (OMAK)


Dear all

This is a small class. Despite this, we are able to rally behind our monitors Bro Yau Tong and Sis Pui Yar to present a song during Master’s Remembrance Day. The wonderful video is the excellent work of Bro Yau Tong. OMAK to him.

On behalf of the class, we want to OMAK Bro Wei Liang for giving us free singing coaching for the past 2 months, and to the students from other class, for joining in the voice offering.

The tune of the song itself is challenging, the many high and low pitch pose a challenge to us, especially those without training or knowledge in music. We spent arduous hours of rehearsals for this performance.

With sheer determination, the guidance from Bro Wei Liang and blessings from our teacher, we overcame all obstacles. With Bro Yau Tong and Sis Jennifer in the lead, we delivered a solid performance during Master’s Remembrance Day.

Rejoice to all.

Wong Chow Meng S14G008E