35 Buddhas Confession Practice at BW Monastery Geylang District - every 1st & 15th lunar day


On 23/10/2018, Venerable Bensi led about 70 students for the 35 Buddhas Confession Practice.

Venerable led the students to do vast offering, light offering, listened to Master's discourse, and revised how to contemplate the benefits of hearing the teachings. In the "Bodhisattva Levels", it mentioned the following -
1) the idea as a jewel
2) the idea of an eye
3) the idea of illumination
4) the idea of great benefits
5) the idea of beyond reproach.

Dharma is difficult to encounter and thanks to some inherited wisdom and favourable conditions cultivated in the past lives, we got to meet Master and learn Buddha's teaching. Our life becomes full of light and hope.

In view of the collective karma project of chanting Medicine Buddha’s name, mantra and sutra, Venerable Bensi explained the Medicine Buddha's great qualities which have wondrous impact on everyone, thus boosting everyone's confidence. At the same time, Venerable Bensi also led the students to recite Medicine Buddha mantra.

Venerable then led everyone in the 35 Buddhas Confession Practice. The students devoted themselves in taking refuge in Triple Gem, repent the non-virtuous deeds to purify and eliminate the negative karma, and would refrain from doing non-virtuous actions moving forward.

After the practice, the students felt full of confidence, bliss and peace.

Below is one of the participants‘ sharing after the session: “Grateful for being able to participate. It is a joyous and fruitful session. I am grateful that my small effort of chanting, just like a drop of water, can merge into the great ocean of merits of BW Monastery collective karma project.  I can memorise the Medicine Buddha mantra by heart now after the recitation.“

Puja 法会Pui Yar LimEng