An Auspicious Celebration

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14 January 2018 was a wet and chilly Sunday morning.  The ‘winter’ weather has already been on-going for about two weeks.  It was the perfect weather which you would want to pull up your blanket over your head and zzz off the day.  However, the gloomy weather did not dampen our spirits as almost forty participants enthusiastically attended our party at BW Monastery. We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary of Lamrim learning.
Before the commencement of programs, Venerable Zu Dao made special effort to fix a time in her busy schedule to give us a motivation discourse on how to enrich life with Lamrim learning. Though we had a short session with the Fashi, we were indeed grateful!

After which Brother Justene led us for the pre-lesson recitation, 35- Buddhas repentance prayer and mandala offering. Lovely hand-made gifts by Sis Jane, LED lights, adorable carnation, splendid foods, fresh fruits etc. were offered to Triple Gem and our Teachers.

We also had a delightful offering of “You are by my side” with our torches/LED lights swinging in the unlit room. We were warming up by the loving messages specially for our loved ones.  

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We were blessed with the auspicious surprises came before the ‘makan’ session. Three other Fashi, namely Venerable Ben Si, Venerable Xing Cheng and Venerable Xing Te compassionately graced the celebration. The venerables encouraged all attendees to contemplate on the motivation in our Dharma learning, the importance of perseverance, and reminded us not to be defeated by the difficulties in the learning journey.

At the sharing session, four courageous Brothers shared their virtuous deeds which we rejoiced with their inspiring motivation to benefit others. 

There were lots of conversations in the room 306. The atmosphere was electrifying.  Everyone, existing and newer classmates, friends and relatives, were all engaged as if everyone knew everyone for the longest time.  We are a happy dharma family.

The celebration ended on a high note thanking everyone who came, the organizing committee, our class monitors and everyone who contributed to make the celebration a success. Three cheers to more anniversaries with all of our classmates together!

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Upon reflection after the joyful party, I gathered some thoughts from this celebration:

  • In the pursuit of enlightenment, we can surmount obstacles that are challenging us. We just have to do it wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.
  • We are all in this spiritual journey from eons ago.  We shall all continue on this Bodhi path together in the Lamrim family beyond boundaries and time. 
  • Do not stop OMAK-ing, be grateful to all people and things around us. 
  • Let’s continue to listen the teachings, observe and contemplate.  
  • Most importantly to persevere!

May Buddhas and our Teachers be always with all of us!!
By Katherine Liew (15G023E)    

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