MRD Project III by 15G023E

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Our class had a learning session at BW Monastery on 2nd September. We spent half a day at the monastery creating collective virtuous karma as our MRD offering for Shifu.
Most of us started the day with voice offering joyfully at the English Auspicious Puja. Our class has been requested to support the voice offering on every 4th Sunday of the month - the day which we do not have Lamrim lesson as the classroom is used by Evergreen group. The benefits are twofold in attending the Puja. Besides making the voice offering, we can listen to discourses by the Venerables and sharing by the lecturers.


On that day, Venerable Zu Dao highlighted to us that we hardly make aspirations for wisdom. Normally, most people will pray for more money, better relationships, etc., except wisdom. That is why we see many more rich people than wise people in this world.  She encouraged us to have a strong motivation in making strong aspiration to achieve wisdom. Only then we will strive to increase our wisdom with guidance from Buddha. It was such a timely reminder. Thank you Venerable Zu Dao!!

After the Puja, we proceeded to Room 306 for vast offering, and celebrations for completion of Lamrim module 3 and for birthday “babies” in September & October.

Venerable Xavier graced the occasion. He led us in the vast offering as well as gave out the certificates of completion to us. Many thanks to Venerable Xavier who reminded us to rejoice sincerely at other’s meritorious deeds. By rejoicing, we also gain the merits created by the sharer.

Amidst the celebration, we recollected Shifu’s discourse in one of his videos: “As long as there is one person remaining, I’m willing to finish walking the path together with you”.  Shifu is truly committed to all his precious only child. i.e. each and everyone of us. Without Shifu’s tenacity and compassion, we would not have the opportunity to even see the Lamrim. Thanks to Shifu, we are able to learn the Lamrim so easily and comfortably nowadays.  Shifu has given us the most precious gift in the hope that all sentient beings will finally attain ultimate happiness.

When it was time to share, we sincerely spoke our mind and did OMAK for people around us. We were touched by grateful words and tears of joy during the sharing.

We had a joyful feast. The communion among classmates, family members and friends was splendid. I truly felt the positive vibes and energy of the camaraderie in the room.

It was time blissfully spent. We also accumulated lots of merits together to benefit ourselves as well as others.

Through the MRD activity, I have recollected Shifu’s kindness. He always wants to benefit all sentient beings. I hope eventually I can emulate Shifu’s spirit of ‘General of Defeat’ 

I’m grateful to Shifu for creating the opportunity for us to learn Lamrim.  Even though I have completed module 3, I can only say that I have just started a baby step.  There is a lot more to learn from Shifu.  By attending Lamrim class and doing voluntary work in a stepwise approach, I will gradually understand Shifu’s compassion and wisdom in my learning journey.

I cannot say that I am a good student. Really I am not. But I know that as long as I never leave the organization, never give up the Lamrim learning, and Shifu will walk the path together with me until the end. Thank you Shifu!!

With a grateful heart,
Katherine Liew (15G023E)