Reciprocation of kind thoughts


As I was driving and about to turn into an alley yesterday morning, a flock of pigeons landed right in front of my car. They were fighting over a cob of corn left behind by someone.  Perhaps they were too hungry or they did not feel the vibration of the car tyres against the floor or the sound of the car motor, because they showed no intention of fleeing.

As a result, I wasn’t able to turn into the alley.  I then thought to myself, “Fortunately, there is no vehicle waiting behind me. I'll just wait for a moment until they fly away.”  The thought of not wanting to frighten or hurt the flock of pigeons was immediately met with positive karma.  At that same moment, two old ladies between the ages of 60 – 70 years old, happened to cross the road in front of me.   One of the old ladies understood my hesitant in driving the car into the alley and nodded her head at me as a sign of acknowledgement.  She then walked to the front of my car and started shooing the flock of pigeons away with her right hand. The pigeons obediently moved away and I could continue on my journey.  Sitting in the car, I nodded  my head to her as a sign of gratitude.

This reciprocation of kind thoughts is indeed awe-inspiring.

By Chou Yun Lung 





我进不得,心想:“后面还好没车,等一下。” 不想惊吓、伤害牠们的善念,立刻得到回应:两位路过的六十多岁左右的阿嬷一前一后,后者意识到我的迟疑,心领神会地对我点点头,从车前边走边朝鸽群挥动右手,鸽群乖乖地让出路权。坐在车里的我,感激地向她点头致意!