Graduation Ceremony Cum Chinese New Year Celebration for Class 14广006C


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On 24th February 2018,  9th day of the first lunar month,  this is a special day not only for praying to deity but also the graduation day for completing Lamrin Chenmo - Path for Person of Medium Capacity cum Chinese New Year celebration for class 14广006C.



At about 2.30 pm, the class arrived at room 304 of BW Monastery in high spirits. The event was kick-started with praying,  chanting and offering of water and flowers to the Triple Gem, led by our class monitor Sister Koh Lee Hoon. We sang three Insightful Praises with great gusto for showing our gratitude to Buddha, Bodhisattvas and teachers.  Thereafter, the vast offering ritual, led by Brother Dr Oh Kheng Ho was conducted. A wide spread of sumptuous  food, mixture of fresh fruits and flower were prepared for the vast offering.   


We were grateful that we had received venerable discourse from six Venerables (Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan,  Deputy Abbot Venerable Ben Si,  Venerable Ben Wen,  Venerable Dao Ci, Venerable Zu Dao and Venerable Zu Guang). Six class representatives made offerings to the Sangha. We also received our certificates of completion from Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan. 


The presence of the venerables had  made the event a joyous and auspicious one. They  advised the class to continue Dharma learning at all times.  Without noticing it, we might have already applied  some Buddha's teachings in our daily life. We must help each other on the path of Dharma learning. Venerables urged the class to participate the monastery's activities actively for accumulating merits and widening the scope of knowledge for Buddha's teachings. 


The event was ended with Brother Kwang Ming Chian thanking our three monitors on our behalf.  We were truly grateful to our monitors for their unselfish help and guidance over the last four years. He urged the class to help and support each other so that we would all meet again at the next Lamrin Chenmo - path for person of great capacity graduation ceremony. 

At around 6.00 pm,  after clean-up and class restoration , it was time to say goodbyes. Everyone was not just full in the stomach with  the sumptuous food but also  full with happiness and joy at heart.

Written by: YF Chong and CW Wong