Awesome Fiesta

BWM Fiesta.1.jpg

On 17th Dec last year, our class committee decided to have an outing with our family members at BWM Arts and Cultural Fiesta. We first gathered in the main shrine hall and could feel its vibrancy. Venerable Dao Ci welcomed us with his warm smile and blessed us with abundant well wishes. We joyfully took a class photo with the Fashi. 

Our tour started in the main shrine hall, the sounds of the drum and gong were incessant. But, with the volunteers’ guidance, participants were able to strike the sounds that were quite in concordant with what we normally hear before the start of chanting.

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My husband was delighted to have the opportunity to learn how to strike the drum and gong. Then he went to level 3 and 4 to experience the handling and playing of other Buddhist musical and dharma instruments.

We were given a comprehensive narration by a volunteer on the origin of Buddhist Art and how, from India, its influence came to China through the Silk Road.

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We got to scrutinize Buddha statues and admired its intricate designs and colors. Ms Chen, a famous sculpture artist from Taiwan, gave an on-the-spot demonstration of sculpture painting. An inspiring artist, who dedicates her life to creating heavenly statues, touches many hearts.

We also learnt the significance of hanging banners and able to look very closely at them. It certainly requires a lot of hard and heart work to piece them. Rejoice with all the volunteers.


There was also a great variety of delicious and healthy food that it was impossible to get a taste of everything. Several live cooking sessions were demonstrated to show how ingredients could be used appropriately to enhance the favor of the dish, also some healthy cooking tips were shared.

There were many things for us to see, learn and enjoy. The Fiesta catered to the interests of all ages. We would like to thank the organizing committee for the well-thought out programmes; and the volunteers who were able to guide and enrich participants with their knowledge.

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It was indeed an awesome and fruitful outing with fun, laughter and positivity. We are looking forward in attending a similar Fiesta in 2018.

Written by:  Ng Thiam Hong (15G023E)