Rehearsals for the Offering to Sangha Ceremony

On the 12th July, it was with extremely great joy that BW Monastery was awarded the TOP for our monastery building. With this favourable condition, the organizing team can finally resume our rehearsals for the Offering to Sangha Ceremony which will be held on 13th August 2017!

Our Sangha were guiding us in full force on how to make supreme offerings. With heartfelt gratitude, we thank the teacher and Venerable Jing Yuan for bestowing this extraordinary experience.

Although most of us were confirmed to be ushers on the actual day, we stood in as auspicious donors for the dry run. It was a rare opportunity for those who turned up as we got to visualise in our respective positions, offering to the boundless merits of the Triple Gems.

Do join us in this joyous and memorable occasion! With your generous donations, may the teachings of the Buddha remain in this world for a long time, accumulating boundless merits for you and your loved ones!