OMAK and the Importance of Stages of the Path


The main points learnt from today's lesson were:

a) OMAK - A Beautiful Heart

  1. OMAK - its significance and how to apply it in our daily life to eradicate afflictions. Practice makes perfect the art of OMAK.
  2. Cultivate the Bodhisattva spirit – a solution to a better, happier life as mentioned in the Lamrim, of which the foundation is OMAK.

b) Lamrim - Importance of Stages of the Path

Knowing the correct stages or sequence in our practice, is akin to the steps for cooking rice. Otherwise, what we wish for will not materialise, yet what we do not want will happen. What we aim for relates closely to following these correct stages. 

Thus, understand the stages of the path is very important for a Buddhist practitioner in order to reach enlightenment. 

~~Day 7 (15 June 2017) Sharing from PEI, Canada






~~来自P岛Day 7( 6月15日 )的分享