Gift of Dharma from Venerable Jing Yuan Again

We were like enthusiastic school children again, going to another day’s lesson by Venerable on how to learn Lamrim on June 13 morning.

The lesson focused on the Master’s skilful means of explaining it from a beginner’s point of view by creating a desire to learn Dharma.  He showed us how to apply Dharma in our daily lives using simple examples in his discourse.

After lunch, we listened to a continuation of the discourse by Venerable Jing Yuan on a video, “How a Teacher Guides his Disciples” and the gratitude of a student towards a Teacher he relies on. He also shared his views on the monastic development in general.


With concern for our welfare, the organiser had specially arranged an evening care session with Venerables including Venerable Xing Te, who hailed from Singapore. This shows the organiser has an eye for details, to ensure participants are in tip top conditions to listen to Dharma lessons.

May every participant soak in the light of Dharma Teachings during this retreat!

---Day 5 Report from PEI, Canada

追寻觉者离苦得乐  感念师恩勇悍护法





---来自P岛Day 5的报导