A Half-Day Trip to Chuan-Deng-Si(传灯寺)

Over 600 retreat attendees paid a visit to Chuan-Deng-Si(传灯寺)Monastery in groups, as part of the programme. We were grouped with other international participants and were scheduled for the visit on 11 June 2017.

Chuan-Deng-Si is the new upcoming Chinese-style monastery in PEI, Canada. It is set up to give the Sangha Community a proper and comfortable place to live in and practice Dharma, especially during Canada’s harsh cold winter. 

Today’s half-day visit is hosted entirely by the Sangha. Besides explaining its mission and vision, our host, the Venerables guided us on a tour of their soon-to-be completed premises including monk’s room and study room. A slideshow on the hardships and endurance of the Buddha and past great Buddhist Masters were shown to us too.


At tea break, we were treated to buns, hand-baked by the monks, organic cranberry juice and hot cocoa. Such simple yet lovingly prepared snacks sent warm feelings to all participants, negating the cold weather outside! 

May the completed monastery (传灯寺) arouses the aspiration of Enlightenment in all sentient beings, and to be a perfect abode for the Sanghas to turn the Dharma wheels always!

---Day 3 Report from PEI, Canada




“佛法二宝,赖僧弘传。” 僧众有了安心办道的寺院,乃是众生的福气,正如传灯寺的法师所言:盖传灯寺“不是为了建大寺,是为了培养大师。"的确,一灯能灭千年暗!祈愿传灯寺早日筹集建寺资金,建造一栋又一栋的心灵殿堂、僧舍,点燃佛法明灯,培育出更多大乘的智者、圣教的日轮!

---来自P岛Day 3的报导