Bilingual Monitors Training 2017: Completion of 1st Batch

As BW Monastery stood on the brink of a new era of change and innovation early this year, Venerable Jing Yuan encouraged current Chinese class monitors, as well as students from the Bilingual classes, to step forward to help more people to learn the Buddha’s Teachings in English.

Hence, when announcements were made that there will be a course to train monitors to facilitate bilingual Dharma classes, the response was overwhelming. To ensure that the participants will benefit most from the course, it was decided to hold the training in 2 batches.

It had been a most enjoyable learning process for the trainers and the 1st batch of trainees for the past 3 months. Each lesson started with a different speaker sharing a specific topic with the trainees. The trainees, thus get to experience various styles of presentation. In the 2nd half of the lesson, the trainees have the opportunity to present their understanding of the topics to the rest of the class. This practical session allows the trainees to gain the experience to talk shop in English, something they were not used to in the past. They also received feedback from fellow trainees and the trainers, so they can improve on their presentations.

The 1st batch completed their training on May 21st. We were very honoured to have Venerable Ben Si grace the occasion to give words of encouragement, as well as certificates of completion to these potential monitors. These trainees will next proceed to observe in existing Bilingual classes, before they have more practice in these classes.

The 2nd batch of trainees will start their training in Jun. 

Feedback from some trainees upon completion of the training:

Dear Brother David, Brother Francis and all our classmates,

We wish to convey our heartfelt and sincere appreciation for these ten lessons of training. It is especially heartwarming that BW Monastery has a group of very dedicated brothers and sisters who are very focused in helping to share and spread the Lamrim to more people. This is a long and challenging journey, but we will certainly be able to overcome our obstacles should we hold our hands together in our learning.  

Mega Rejoice and once again, thanks very much to Brother David and Brother Francis. We acknowledge sincerely your heart and hard work. – Amy Lim

Thanks to all the trainers & classmates for all your sharing in class, I have learned a lot from all of you!  – Wong Wai Keen

Thank you to all my classmates whom we have gone through this 10 lesson training, especially Francis and David, who bear with us.  I learned a lot from each and every one. I am confident to say that I can fall back on all of you in this journey to Buddhahood.🌺 Thank you once again💋⁠⁠⁠⁠ – Yeng Sai Chek

Many thanks to Brother Francis and Brother David and to all the volunteers, trainers and classmates for your invaluable sharing. I have learned a lot from all. It has been a very enriching learning experience for me. Thank you very much. – Tan Chwee Soon

Many thanks to Brother Francis and Brother David and to all the volunteers, lecturers and classmates for your valuable sharing and time.  It has been a very enriching and fruitful learning experience. It allowed me to expand my horizon on how lessons can be made engaging and interesting though the various arrays of tips and methodologies demonstrated by the speakers. Thank you very much.😁❤. And also express immense gratitude to our Master, Teacher, Triple Gems and our Venerables, for giving us the opportunity to learn the path to Buddhahood and the gift of Lamrim Chen Mo to us. – Chua Ming Juan