Sharing on Zen Walk Experience by Monitors and Cadres – Part 2

I find it a very blissful experience, though I could not do proper analytical meditation while walking. So, I decided to allow my mind to relax and just be, and all the busy thoughts seemed quietened down. It seemed an emptiness was created in my mind. Then, I could fill it with Guan Yin’s name which was calming and comforting. At times, the conversation among the passers-by was captured by my ears, and the mind was aroused to become “busybody”. Gratefully, with the pre-walk preparation by Venerable Ben Si, the mind managed to be disciplined and resumed the silent recitation of Guan Yin’s name for a few times, though failing to do so for a couple of times. Overall, I felt blessed to have such peaceful Zen Walk as I knew we were protected by the Buddha & Triple Gems.

A short session of today’s Zen walk had given me a chance to be aware of my mental state in the present moment and to be grateful to have Venerable and virtuous friends in this precious learning journey.

Thank you Venerable & each and everyone!

Leow Kwee Lain (Monitor of 12G017E and 15G023E)

It was a great experience to do zen walk and meditate through contemplation, and watching how the mind is like a monkey, getting distracted easily by things that are not critical for our growth and development. Today’s session gave a great opportunity to reflect within ourselves, observe our mind and sharpen it in order to gain clarity and focus in order to help and benefit many more others out there.

Truly grateful to Venerable Ben Si for leading and guiding us, providing one more way for us to contemplate on the teachings to benefit ourselves and others.

Dawn Chen (14Z034E)

The joy of Lamrim text to actual practice in meditation.

The morning of labour day, gave me a precious opportunity in joining a group of virtuous friends led by Venerable Ben Si – doing Zen walking meditation in the nature park. In preparation to this walk, I tried to recollect the stabilizing and analyzing meditation mentioned by Lama Tsong-kha-pa in the Lamrim text Vol 1 Chapter 6. At the beginning, after listening and understanding of a portion of the master’s discourse which I perceived as analyzing meditation, we started to walk in a single file following the Venerable. Step by step, breathe by breathe, I perceived as stabilizing meditation in practice. I started off with a silent chanting of mantra to settle my mind. Along the way, I tried to restrain the sense faculties and act mindfully when I could hear beautiful singing birds, calm flowing water and music filled the air. Then I recalled a story of Teacher walking in the woods, which triggered me to walk carefully in order to avoid accidentally stepping onto the little crawling insect sentient beings on the ground who might be rushing home to reunite with their kins. Master’s discourse also led me to search the affliction within. There were moment when I just stepped so casually and created noise of clumsiness which was sign of losing focus due to whatever reason. At the end of the walk, I supplicate that I must do better in restraining and acting vigilantly in order to attain concentration on the paths of serenity and insight.

Osel Gan (12G018E)

This was my 1st time to join Zen Walk, and I was feeling excited about it. Before the walk, Venerable Ben Si had given a briefing to all of us and he emphasized that this walk is for us to stay focused, we are not to be disturbed by the surrounding and there should be no talking. He purposely let us listen to the words of Master discourse so that we can focus on the teachings or focus on Buddha during the walk. During the walk, Iwas unable to stay focus, therefore I choose to do chanting through the walk with the intention to keep my mind focused. However, I need to confess that even with the chanting in my heart, my mind was not able to focus. My eyes were open and was constantly disrupted by the surroundings. The only time I was able to stay focus was the 5 minutes sitting meditation when my eyes were closed. I enjoy the Zen walk very much as it gave me the opportunity to have an hour of silence (without talking that means, I had been talkative all this while :P) and the opportunity to do my chanting for this 1 hour. It was in fact a very fruitful morning that I had spent on a holiday (1st May 2017). I hope there will be more of this kind of Zen walk and I shall be looking forward to join again.

Doris Koh (13G008E)

The Bilingual Monitors had their first session of Walking Meditation under the guidance of Venerable Ben Si.

We were all eager to experience with the aspiration to learn and improve our practice. It was indeed a great experience. We listened to Master Jih-Chang`s one minute discourse and are to meditate on the contents whilst we walk.

In the past when we were told to contemplate, I find my mind immediately drying up after a short time.

Determined to make a success, I drew my mind to my learning from the Lamrim.

I was very happy with the outcome of my session. My mind was most of the time filled with virtuous thoughts. I recalled what Master was trying to teach me, that I must first recognize my faults and from there I make an effort to change and practice in accordance to the teachings. Time and again Master had encouraged us that at this moment we may not be able to immediately achieve the result, but able to recognize your faults and promising yourself that you will gradually achieve your goal is very important.

I remembered on the chapter on Meditation, that we will not be able to hold on to our object of meditation for a long period. I use various methods of practice, for example, chanting the Buddha`s name, concentrating on deep breathing and contemplate on placing reliance on an Excellent Teacher. I also have a deep feeling of gratitude of having Master, Teacher and the Sangha and my friends as my companions on my Path. Without all of them, I am not able to reach my goal. They are all here to guide and motivate me and pull me along.

On top of having my healthy mind for a good one hour, the walk was invigorating, an exercise I have been putting off, I am thankful I decided to attend.

Shirley Mak (16Z048E)

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