Zen Walk – Part 1

On May 1st, which was a public holiday, many people would have taken the opportunity to sleep in. However, due to the compassion and wisdom of the Three Jewels and our Teachers, a group of Bilingual Monitors and key volunteers were given the opportunity to gather at Bukit Batok Nature Park in the morning to experience for the first time “Walking Meditation”.


After Venerable Ben Si briefed us on what to do during the Walking Meditation, we started by listening to the Master’s discourse on ‘Karma and its effects’. We then proceeded to contemplate on the discourse while mindfully walking through the Park in single file. Some keep in mind on Buddha’s or Bodhisattva’s name, while others preferred to recite a mantra silently. The objective of the Zen Walk was to focus and be mindful of our thoughts, and not be distracted by our surroundings. 

Throughout the Walk, we were accompanied by 2 enthusiastic and responsible ‘Dharma Protectors’: Stephanie and Poh Jee. They helped direct us away from fellow Park users, as well as entertained curious onlookers.  They also served as our photographers, capturing many precious moments for us. We are indeed very grateful to our 2 Dharma Protectors for their assistance in maintaining a conducive environment for us.

After 45 minutes of Walking Meditation, Venerable Ben Si led us to an open space where we practice Sitting Meditation for 5 minutes. We then shared with each other our experience. It was a wonderfully refreshing experience even if not all of us managed to focus successfully during the Walk. We look forward to having another Zen Walk with Venerables in the near future.

Do look out for Part 2 – Sharing on Zen Walk Experience by Monitors and Cadres, which will be published tomorrow (14 May 2017)