My Unusual Sunday

It is certainly not one of those usual lazy Sunday afternoons that I normally have.  15th April 2017 is a special day for me. Special in a sense that this Sunday was actually Inter-Racial and Religious Conference Circle (IRCC) day. By attending such an event made me aware that this activity was actually about promoting racial and religious harmony in Singapore. I went with absolutely not knowing what to expect from the event.

Upon invitation by my class monitor, Hui Ling, I met her outside the newly built BW Monastery at Woodlands Drive 16. I was simply enthralled by the majestic design that comes with matching tinted window panes. The whole building exudes a grand aura that captivates any passer-by and is definitely an iconic 4 storey building up in the north. There were others outside the building, equally immersed by the grandeur of the Monastery.

We had a very unique opportunity to stand outside the newly built Monastery and have that memorable moment captured.  

Many hands made light work. Our classmates gathered in the kitchen of Ace Community Centre, Woodlands Drive Ave 1 all helping out to prepare the ingredients needed for cooking meal for IRCC’s invited guests.

As I left that day’s event after a hearty meal, I cannot help but feel that this IRCC day has made me aware that Singapore has such the use of multiple forms of languages and dialects, thus forming the rich social and communication fabric of the country,

Different Races. Many Beliefs. One Nation.

By Chong Lee