Together We Learn

Each moment in facilitating the class learning is an opportunity for my personal growth. I am pleased with every chance I get to revisit chapters in the Lamrim through class discussion. As I do this, I have a unique answer to every question that is put to me. Finding those answers helps me in acquiring new insight and affirmation on many topics, such as karma and its effects:

  • Secure oneself in the human realm in next lifetime is more important than surpassing the apparent enjoyment & pleasures in cyclic existence (共下士者)
  • Affirm that “I am the cause of my own suffering” rather than “you are the cause of my suffering” (业决定理)
  • You learn with them, together we learn. However, to feel close and be connected to Buddhas & Bodhisattvas come from the individual. It’s a miracle – a tender gift to behold 

May this sharing delight our excellent teachers.

By Cheryl Lim (Monitor of 14G023E)

教育部Low Yam Tng