Planting Seeds of Virtuous Fruits

Actually, I am not totally unfamiliar with fundraising through selling flags.  I had done this many times in my secondary school days because then it was like an outing for me.  Furthermore, my classmate was a student-in-charge for flag day delegation from various organizations.  Being her friends, we supported her by selling flags on Saturdays. After several hours, we returned the tins and spent the rest of the day enjoying ourselves.

Therefore, a couple of years ago when I was asked by a staff from a welfare organization if I can help on their flag day, I readily agreed as I am acquainted with several people there.

On that day, I went with my family members to collect the tin from Newton MRT Station.  As there was nobody for me to partner with to boost my courage to approach people for donation, I sought the help of my daughters.  Both replied that they have never believed in raising fund through selling flags as it does not make sense to them.

So I stood alone, near the Newton Hawker Centre seeking donation.  It was a hot day.  But I tried smiling and courteously seeking patronage.  After a while, I realized it was tough.  For the number of people that I approached, only about half of them contributed.  And even if they did, it was at most a one-dollar coin.

It was no fun.  Then I think it was not worth it.  I started to rationalize this with a paid job of a minimum pay.   Really, why do this?  But if I would return a near empty tin, I felt guilty as the staff had worked hard to organize this. So, I took the tin home and filled it with as many coins and some notes.

Last year, our Lamrim class monitors participated in the flag day of BWS and they shared their experiences with the class. Through their sharing, I realized my attitude towards selling of flags were incorrect.  We should let as many people share in their contributions and let them accumulate merits through this virtuous deed.

This year, I volunteered with BWS for the Flag Day. Together with Joyce, we stood outside Beauty World MRT station.  With the thought to let as many people have the opportunity to create the virtuous deed, I tried not to let slip anyone who came by the station. I got more motivated.  When youths stopped to take out their coins, I told them more about BWS. A few of them said they will google on the Society.

I felt good that I had done something meaningful for the day.  Rejoice all volunteers and myself!

By Ng Thiam Hong (15G023E)