Be Inspired Now or Never

It was a precious opportunity for me to attend the eight-precept retreat to revise the teachings which I have learnt in the past, but often forgotten or taken for granted in this limited life.

Venerable Jing Yuan tried his utmost to deliver his discourses skillfully to reach out to each and everyone of us.

It struck a chord with me when Venerable Jing Yuan shared his personal experience on how he overcame the feeling of “I am suffering” in one period of his monastic life. In that difficult time, he contemplated earnestly on the teaching on a Life of Leisure and Opportunity, repented sincerely and he finally gained a new lease of life!

In a light-hearted manner, Venerable Jing Yuan told us that we should slap ourselves if such thoughts of ignorance occur during meditation. We were amazed by his heartfelt and honest sharing. He had skillfully reminded us of the powerful tool to face adversities - revise the teaching, contemplate and practice.

It is definitely beneficial to feel blessed, and be grateful for what we are learning now as the Lamrim comprises the complete and perfect teachings of Buddha. To have a better present and future life, one will have to rely on the cultivation of our virtuous mind at every moment. So, it is very crucial to have the favorable conditions to receive guidance from our Teachers now, and to accumulate merits and wisdom to walk the Bodhi path in future lives. Venerable Jing Yuan compassionately explained the correct practice of the Thirty-Five Buddha Repentance Prayer or other repentance prayers. He cannot bear to see us make the same mistake like he did in the past.

Thank you for the inspiring discourses, Venerable Jing Yuan!

By Leow Kwee Lain (16Shan00503)