Bilingual T.E.A. Party


TEA Party 2017 welcomed 109 participants, filling KH 1 to the brim on 26 Feb 2017 and was graced by our Sangha. 


Into its second year, the aim was to showcase the Bilingual subgroups activities (Admin, Education, Lavam, Marcom and Welfare) that participating students who were keen on playing an active role in supporting the propagation of Buddha’s teachings and to bring the Dharma to new students, can join.

Bilingual Group Head Dr Pua Hwee Leng welcomed all and invited Venerable Bensi to address the gathering. Venerable Bensi in his motivational speech touched on Venerable Jing Yuan’s many years of effort detailing the importance of propagating the Dharma in English if we want to reach out to the public with the opening of our new temple. It was therefore significant that half the attendees were from the Chinese class and was indeed a good start for both Chinese and Bilingual students to work together to achieve the vision spelled out by Venerable Bensi urged everyone not to miss the numerous opportunities available to accumulate merits by stepping up as volunteers while the society is restructuring as this will diminish once we stabilise. 

When the next item, Scavenger Hunt bonding game unfolded, the crowd quickly got busy and rowdy. Forming into ten teams and stretching their combined resources, team members helped one another to be the first to gather items such as handkerchiefs, analog watches, shoe laces and ear rings among others. Game organiser explained the reasons for the items selected and cleverly blended it with a few verses from the Lamrim and everyone ended up a winner.

Each subgroup worked hard and creatively put up skits, high energy sing-a-long, colourful slides and “random walks” to woo the brain and muscle power, and the hearts of the audience to sign up with their respective teams. The friendly competition was fun and each team tried to outdo and outperform one another. The audience, urged on by the energetic emcee,  responded with laughters that brought the decibels a little too high for comfort on one or two occasions. 

After a short video clip on teamwork and just before the audience took a break for high TEA, the school of Orange-T Nemos swam up front and danced to the tune of the current BLG Top of the Chart … The White Lotus. By then the energised crowd joyously paraded next door for their food, collecting a souvenir cup and tea leave strainer each along the way. Soon they were back in the main hall, gingerly selecting their favourite cup of Tea which is the team they would like to join. 

During the intermission, Lavam transformed the hundred plus seating layout into five booths. Close on their heels were subgroup representatives, each decorated their stands with table cloth, balloons, plants and posters. In their eagerness to woo participants, they collectively pulled in a total of 76 new volunteers, surpassing the organiser’s expectations.

The event ended on another high note when everyone swarmed around our Sangha members to take a group photo which all will treasure for years to come as this will likely be the last TEA Party to be held at KH Plaza before we move to our new Woodlands temple later this year. 

We want to thank our Sangha, participants and volunteers for taking time to make this a successful and joyous event.