A new milestone in learning Lamrim and Five Great Treaties

The First class of 16Shan005C: the new milestone in learning Lamrim and Five Great Treaties.

In this Dharma declining time, we are so blessed to have guidance from Master Jih-Chang,  teacher and Venerable Jing Yuan in our learning journey.

Our class, 11Z011C completed the advance Lamrim class on 26th Feb (certificate presentation).

On 4th Mar 2017, Venerable Jing Yuan talked to us at a combined lesson with two other advanced classes.

It was a special caring session to encourage students from all the three classes to have good stride to learn the Five Great Treaties in a lecture setting.

Being blessed by Master's great compassion and power, the three classes merged to  16Shan005C ( 01,02,03) to embark learning the supreme teachings together which was taught in Nalanda University 2600 years ago.

Venerable Jing Yuan wishes all students will give full support to this inevitable change in BW Monastery’s growing membership.

Let’s aspire to learn well to reach greater height in correct views and practice in our Bodhi path.

May this new lecture system flourish from 16Shan005C - the new milestone in learning Lamrim  and Five Great Treaties.

Thank you Master, Teacher,  and all Venerables!

Rejoice everyone !

Written by Sis Kwee Lian