Grateful for the Beautiful Surprises


It was a pleasant surprise when Jing Yuan Fashi walked into our class after our “Mandala Offering.” last Thursday. Fashi’s compassionate attempt to show concern for the class despite his busy schedule commands our respect. 


Our little Pang Jing was blessed to have a photo with Fashi while sleeping. His happy mother woke him up. Despite his sleepiness, he stayed wide-awake to welcome Fashi.  With our cheerful hearts, we had a photograph session with Fashi.


There was another surprise: Sister Irene's daughter, Joraine, made a beautifully decorated agar agar cake for the class offering. Joraine was touched by the change in her mum after attending the Lamrim class.  Under the guidance of Triple Gem and our Teachers, the relationship between sister Irene and her daughter has greatly improved. With the kind offering of Joraine, we celebrated and rejoiced in their renewed life. 

It was wonderful that sister Esther could join us after her absence for quite a while. 

We embraced the blissful moments with thanksgiving to Fashi and everyone.

Rejoice with all!

Mrs Lai of class 12G017E