Jane and I come from different classes, but we both sit in at 12G17E. Jane has been away from this class for a while recently, attending but sporadically. Her grandma duties call, and she is busy looking after her grandson. Busy as she is, Jane still finds time to knit me a gift.

Yim Kuan.Nov17.jpg

It came as a surprise when Jane called to check if I am sensitive to yarn. Then in class, she gave me the knitted scarf wrapped as a gift.

Scraf wrap.2017.jpg

Expecting the scarf to be oblong, square or triangular, it is another surprise to see a loop scarf, done in a rich purple and with every knit and purl evenly executed. It is exquisite handiwork.


Jane knows my need for warmth and how sensitive my skin is to certain material. It is a thoughtful gift, appropriate in every aspect. A bonus is added when it gives me many pleasurable hours to explore how to wear the scarf in different attractive styles.

It is a gift small in size, but big in effort, heart and virtue.

Thank you, Jane. 

By Wong Yim Kuan

OMAK, 善行Tan HelenEng