Plant seeds of kindness

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Back from Dharma Seeking Trip, I managed to put what I learnt into practice in one excerpt –

“帮助别人就是帮助自己, when we help others, we are also helping ourselves.”

from a speech by one Taiwan lecturer.


Hence, I am thankful to my next-door neighbour for giving me the opportunity to put that into practice. Her son was getting married in the next few days, but there were many things that she had not prepared yet because her mother-in-law had just passed away a month ago.

Seeing how tired and stressed out she was, I offered to help her. I took the initiative to clean and wash the corridors. Then, I also washed two stools and placed them outside for their guests to sit down and wear their shoes.

My neighbour was very happy. During their wedding lunch, the newlyweds came to thank me. I was just as happy as my neighbour after hearing that. It is indeed rewarding to help someone in need.

Ng Thiam Hong (15G023E)