Reflection of Dharma Seeking Retreat To Taiwan

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Recharged Spiritually

Taking refuge once again in the Dharma Seeking Trip, it has provided me with an in-depth understanding of its significance.  My faith in the Three Jewels has been reaffirmed.

After learning Lamrim for almost a year, my bad habit of laziness has begun to surface again.  On Master’s Remembrance Day, I learned about the vast and hard work of Shifu, Teacher Zhen-Ru and the volunteers. It had really motivated me and I hope to be like them one day. It is definitely an auspicious opportunity for me to eliminate my bad habits.

In one of the discourses by Venerable Ru-De in Education Park, he reminded us to keep track of how long our Dharma joy and motivation can last. It was a wake -up call for me. I hope to keep moving forward and never retreat from the path of learning.

I also began to realize that it is important to practice what we hear and learn. Furthermore, I need to be mindful not to let my motivation fade away when I return to my busy life in Singapore. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of coming all the way to Taiwan to  seek out the precious Dharma.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn Lamrim under the guidance of Shifu and Teacher Zhen- Ru, ensuring that I will continue to learn with the Lamrim family life after life.  Hopefullly my family members will be able to learn with us in the future too.   

Carolans Shiow (15G023E)

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Be Courageous in Sharing

In the recent Dharma Seeking trip, we listened to a discourse by Teacher Zhen- Ru on the aspects of sharing virtuous deeds and OMAK. I began to realize that the sharing is not to show off the virtuous deeds which we have done, but rather, it was to allow the participants to learn and be inspired from the virtuous deeds and rejoice with each other. In the process, we will be encouraged to do more virtuous deeds. The merits of sharing and rejoicing will benefit not only others, but also themselves.

In the past, I was too shy to share my thoughts and opinions in class. After being taught by Teacher Zhen- Ru, I will keep it in my mind and will share more with the class from now onwards.

Our Teacher will definitely be happy when he sees my courage and progress. Rejoice!

Katherine Liew (15G023E)