Happy Mid-Autumn @BW Monastery, KH Plaza


2 October 2017
Four classes gathered to celebrate Mid-Autumn at KH Plaza to wish Laoshi and the Sangha community a very Happy Mid-Autumn. It's very special this year because we have Ven BenSi and Ven ZuGuang representing The Triple Gems to grace this auspicious event.  At the same time, we celebrated Ven Jing Yuan's belated birthday with all the October babies .  Feeling extremely fortunate and joyous!

We all have the same goal.... to achieve ultimate happiness!  There's none other than this path, guided by Shifu and Laoshi with Dharma, that we could be liberated and enlightened completely. We will hold on to Shifu and Laoshi life after life till attaining the state of Buddhahood.

By Monitor Jenny Chua 蔡明月-新10广015C (Representing S14G007E)


A day to contemplate over the kindness of Jih Chang Shifu, who is always thinking of skilful means to let us sow good deeds and take stock of our learnings and good deeds, during the Mid Autumn Celebrations. 🙏😇.

By Monitor Ong Siew Chin

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😍😇😍Feeling blessed and happy celebrating mid autumn festival with  法师, all virtuous brothers & sisters & Triple Gems .

By Evelyn Ong


Taking this opportunity at Mid-autumn vast offering, I aspire to learn Lamrim well and thorough, as it is a very special education which enables one to realize the truth of all phenomena. To guard my sensory faculties, I hope to be liberated at every situation and to take care of other people karma as well.

By Monitor Jenny Chua

Being my 1st Dana Offering, I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement as I knelt in front of Venerable Zu Guang. It was a double blessing having my long-lasting virtuous friend, Valerie Chau, by my side. This practice of giving reminds oneself to gradually detach the desire of material possession and find pleasure in generosity. It is also the first of the six perfections required to move towards the path of awakening. I will continue to cultivate my generosity as the person who benefits the most, would be myself.

By Helen Tan 

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