Rejoice To The Warriors Who Worked Relentlessly Behind The Scenes

The last MRD session (English) ended on a high this evening. Among the four sessions, I deemed it as the most 'electrifying'.

Could it be the more vocal/hippie bunch of bilingual students? Or the more lively insightful praise (that went for encore!)? Or perhaps it could be due to our very sporting and respectable Venerable Jing Yuan who wowed the crowd with his discourse peppered with relevant English words?

As I repeatedly analysed the reasons, I concluded that the credit should go to the touching videos produced by the Media Team that helped to build up the climax!

Thank you Bro Joel for cushioning all the stressful comments from the MRD committee and Venerables, for the last minute audio dubbing, midnight shoots, and playing the role as a big bro to guide the rest. 

To Si Zhao/Poh Jee for working in record time to produce the 新兴时代 video from scripting to shooting to producing the video in just under 2 weeks. I can literally feel the stress with you guys!

To Sis Julie/Nancy, for the beautiful and chirpy virtuous friends video that showed how we have come a long way, from just less than 10 students discussing Lamrim in HDB flat, to a 3600 members strong monastery! The colourful handprints in the video were really very apt for this year's theme!

To everyone else who contributed to shooting all those beautiful footages, without which, we wouldn't have the source to produce the vids. Rejoice to your relentless pursuits in getting the best angles and touching moments to be shared with more people thereafter!

Once again, a big OMAK to everyone in the media team! You are the folks who are seldom photographed, because you are standing on the other side of the lens. Mega rejoice to each and everyone of your hard and heart work! May all of us be united on this path to Buddhahood! I am truly humbled to be part of this big family! 

With palms folded,

OMAKBW Monastery