Joyous Occasion Class Gathering 14广006C


On 14th October 2017, our class 14广006C gathered at Citiraya for a joyous occasion, including vast offering, life liberation, birthday celebration, and farewell party.

The joyous and auspicious event kicked off with the screening of multiple “Master’s Remembrance Day” videos that recount the merits of Master Jih-Chang. For this occasion, we invited our honorary president Mr Tan Tong Eng, who shared with us the importance of remembering Master Jih-Chang's kindness in guiding us on our route to enlightenment, and to plant the seed of learning Buddhism life after life.


With our hearts full of reverence, we piously offered water, light and flowers to the Triple Gems and our teachers, seeking blessings and guidance on our Dharma journey. Afterwards, our class imprinted our palms on a silk banner that we further inscribed with our personal vows and well wishes. This banner will be offered to the Triple Gems as part of the 2017 “Master’s Remembrance Day” celebration.

We then conducted the vast offering ritual followed by the life liberation ritual. We had bought various creatures, including 42 birds, that we released from our second floor classroom. As we watched the birds ascend into the sky, we felt a sense of jubilation and hope that we may continuously rise up in our path to Buddhahood.


We then celebrated the birthdays (of our 3 classmates) by cutting a cake from Yes Natural. Finally, we indulged in the sumptuous vegetarian delight that we had prepared for the vast offerings. As the day wound down, it was time to clean up the premises before saying our goodbyes. Brother Kwang Ming Chian and Dr Oh Kheng Ho took the lead as always, and we are truly grateful to have such dedicated classmates amongst our ranks.

At the end of the event, everyone was not just full in the stomach but also in our souls, which were brimming with joy and delight for all the good karma we had done that afternoon. May we always be guided by Master Jih-Chang, Teacher Zhen-Ru, and the Triple Gems till we attain Buddhahood.